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My Software

Program in Turbo C/DOS and BGI library. Implementation of Ferguson cubic curves with interactive adjusting o tangential vectors and real-time redrawing. Archive contains source text, BGI library and executable program for DOS.
Program in Turbo C/DOS and BGI library. Implementation of Lagrange's interpolation, Coons's cubic curves and parabolic blend. Archive contains source text, BGI library and binary for DOS.
Seminar 1998/99 Object interface to POSIX threads incl. demonstration program for searching through filesystem directory tree. Archive contains source text of the library and demonstration program written for Linux and egcs C++ compiler.
IP quota dæmon Program written as a school-leaving assignment. It is a Linux software that uses ipchains for creating IP traffic quotas.
dhcplst Program for accessing ISC DHCP server leases database. It is written in Perl and is run as a CGI script on a WWW server. It can do searches, translating MAC address to NIC vendor name and tabelated search results output.
bridged I intended to write software bridge that would run as a user-level process in Linux. Eventually I discontinued my work on it since the in-kernel bridge development was resumed promisingly and it would have little sense to carry on. Bridging in user-land is inevitable slower than the in-kernel one. So only basic implementation of bridged was accomplished that uses SOCK_PACKET and AVL trees: it is completely functional and—it seems—rather stable, but it does not contain more advanced features like filtering etc. It can be handy as a demo of working with SOCK_PACKET.